Avantgarde Modellbau is a german manufacturer who is specialiced in producing high quality, finescale model-trees and scenery-products for the scales 1/32, 1/43, 1/87, 1/160 and 1/220, with the main focus is on the latter scales.

We are very experiencend in the scaletrue design and production of trees and vegetation from all over the world, from california-desertgrowing Joshua-Trees over to the famous Virginia-Oak of the US south-states,  mediterranean Stone-Oaks and Cypresses to centuries-old european Linden.

All in, we offer a range of over 80 trees from all over the world and can produce for custom request some more, for your superdetailled unique layout to copy landscapes from all over the world most detailled in miniature, naturally realistic.


Our program/price-lists (english-version):

Finescale Series 1/220 + 1/160 

Finescale Series 1/87 

For images of our products, please see the gallery ("Galerie") and the "Bäume + scale"-sites. 

We are shipping worldwide, please ask for shipping costs to your country.